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“Richard Wagner’s Music Equals Movie Magic”

         “When I came out of the ‘Festspielhaus’, unable to speak a word, I knew that I had experienced supreme greatness and supreme suffering, and that this experience, hallowed and unsullied, would stay with me for the rest of my life.” … Continue reading

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“Could the Pink Panther have been an Icon of Horror?”

          Very often, while doing something completely unrelated, I will suddenly have the germ of an idea for a short story, a film script or even a novel…..or just a passing thought about something I have recently seen or read.  … Continue reading

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“Don’t Let the Length Scare You”

Last weekend, I was convinced I saw a person walking in my driveway. They weren’t lingering, they just happened to be caught by the lone light that offers the only illumination onto the black concrete, right near where my car … Continue reading

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