“Will the Season Finale of True Blood Spell Triumph or Despair for the King and Queen of the Vampire Universe?”

If I was the writer responsible for creating the season finale of True Blood, I would end it with….but wait, before I get to my own vision for the final episode of season three, perhaps I should first share a few facts, as well as some of my own views about the series….

Walking in the day light is something we humans pay no attention to because it’s second nature to us, but to Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, it is a moment that is three thousand years in the making. Will his desire to achieve what he thought was only myth lead to his undoing or will one of his loyal protégés (werewolves) step in to save the day? The King’s skin is starting to burn, as is that of fellow vampire, Eric Northman, the former Viking warrior and current Sheriff of Area 5 in Shreveport, Louisiana, who is seeking revenge against Russell for a most heinous transgression that befell his family at the hands of the Vampire King, 1000 years prior. The answer to both Russell’s and Eric’s fate, as well as some other season long story lines, will hopefully be revealed Sunday, September 12, at 9:00pm on HBO, when the season finale of the third season of True Blood is aired.

Based on a series of books by author Charlaine Harris, True Blood has been a critical and fan favorite since its debut on HBO on September 7, 2008. Created and produced by Academy Award winner Alan Ball (Six Feet Under), who won an Oscar for writing the script for the 1999 movie American Beauty, the show centers around the fictitious town of Bon Temps in Louisiana. The town doesn’t offer viewers a slice of small town southern living, instead it concerns itself with the trials and tribulations of telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin (the X-Men Franchise). While Sookie is most definitely the protagonist of the show, she is joined by several other main characters, including: her real life husband, actor Stephen Moyer (The Starter Wife), who in the series portrays her boyfriend, the Civil War era vampire Bill Compton; Sookie’s employer, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), the owner of Merlotte’s Bar & Grill, who has the ability to transform himself into different animals; Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s attractive, but not very intelligent brother (Ryan Kwanten); Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley), Sookie’s hard-edged, proud, best friend; Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis), Tara’s cousin, who works three jobs on the show…drug dealer, short order cook at Merlotte’s, and member of the town’s road crew; and the aforementioned Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). While I find all of these characters interesting, and perhaps worthy of more comment in a future blog, in this particular piece, and before I get to my own theory of what the season’s climax should be, I have chosen to deal primarily with True Blood’s royalty, the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, and the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq.

Since making her debut Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe, Once and Again), has added another spark to an already explosive show. Sophie-Anne was originally mentioned during the first season of True Blood, but never seen on the television series until August 30, 2009, in the second to last episode of season two entitled “Frenzy.” Sophie-Anne first appeared on the radar of the fans of Harris’s books when she debuted in the sixth novel in the series, Definitely Dead; but in this blogger’s opinion, for those who haven’t read Harris’s books, she is a welcome addition to a cast that already showcases effortless chemistry. The Queen’s character is modeled closely after the character brought to life by Harris; her looks, style, mannerisms, and undeniable elegance, complete what, I can only assume, was the mental picture Ms. Harris had of her vampire queen when she conjured up Sophie-Anne on her computer.

Viewers first laid eyes on the Queen when Bill Compton sought her help regarding a perplexing problem. He needed her guidance in order to stop what was, from all outward appearances, an immortal creature known as a maenad, which in Greek mythology, were the female followers of Dionysus, the God of wine, theater, and ecstasy. Just as was the case with the maenad, the first glimpses True Blood fans get of Sophie-Anne’s world are false. She appears to be living a life of grand opulence on her compound, which is protected by the sort of security detail one would see reserved for a head of state. But, in truth, the Queen’s world of wealth is anything but.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, or for those of you who do, and don’t need a lengthy explanation of why Sophie-Anne is in trouble, I will keep the recap of what I consider to be the salient facts brief. The Queen was able to live in the vampire world untaxed for centuries, which in turn enabled her to build up vast amounts of wealth, but since the vampires have revealed themselves to the world and the VLA (Vampire League of America) is pushing for the inclusion of vampires as U.S. citizens, the Queen is now being taxed just like the rest of us. It is revealed at the start of season three that she is broke and the IRS is coming after her. Desperate times call for desperate measures, even for a 500 year old vampire queen who looks like she’s 20. In order to keep the government at arms length, and be able to continue the lifestyle she has grown accustomed to, the Queen resorts to committing what is a serious sin amongst vampires by having her sheriff, Eric Northman, sell “V” (vampire blood) which is a powerful drug when taken by humans. What’s a 500 year old vampire queen to do? If she continues to play the dangerous game of having Eric sell V, she puts herself at risk for all sorts of punishments; but there is a solution, one that disgusts her, but a path she nonetheless winds up taking…accepting the marriage proposal of Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, depicted by actor Dennis O’Hare (Milk).

Regardless of what fate the True Blood script writers have in store for him tomorrow night, the main antagonist of season three was a wonderful addition to the series ever increasing list of rogues. Living with Talbot, his companion of 700 years, in a spacious mansion on a sprawling piece of land, Russell at first seems to be one of the good guys rescuing Bill Compton from an entanglement with a pack of blood thirsty werewolves. But no sooner does he do so, that it is then revealed that the werewolves actually work for the King (who is supplying them with his own blood to keep them loyal). Not only are they his servants, but it was the King’s plot to kidnap Bill, which was the primary catalyst for why Bill finds himself in that dangerous situation in Jackson, Mississippi in the first place. The season-long story line begins to spin itself toward the season’s conclusion, as each week viewers are treated to the depravity and lengths to which Russell will go to achieve what he wants.

Russell Edgington is not your average bloodsucker; he is incredibly strong, able to thwart a potential staking at the hands of the powerful Bill Compton with an effort that appears to be no more than a mere shrug of his shoulders. He is cunning, deadly, well-spoken, and appears to fall into the camp of vampires who seem to be taken with Sookie Stackhouse and what she may or may not be in terms of a super natural being. The King becomes so interested in Sookie’s potential that he even hires a vampire detective, the character of Franklin Mott, played by actor James Frain (The Tudors). The King has an overwhelming desire to discover the source behind the mysterious repelling light that, for only the second time in the show’s thirty-five episodes, comes from Sookie’s hands. It remains to be seen if Sookie’s power will be utilized in Sunday evening’s season finale; but even if it is not, and even if some or all of the story arcs are not resolved, fear not devotees of True Blood, on June 21, 2010, HBO renewed the show for a fourth season – – the show will return in the summer of 2011.

Now, going back to this blog’s opening thought, if I were fortunate enough to write for the show, I would write the following scenario for the season finale: Both Russell and Eric would be rescued by the King’s werewolves. The reason they would save them both would be because their time in which to accomplish the rescue is very limited, and inasmuch as the two are joined together by handcuffs, they would be unable to save one without saving the other. Eric and Russell are taken back inside the bar, Fangtasia, where, a host of other characters are assembled. At some point the handcuffs will be removed. Once that happens, a violent brawl erupts involving all in attendance, Eric and Russell, the werewolves, Bill Compton, Pam (a vampire and Eric’s assistant), and Sookie. As the fight progresses, Sookie starts to feel a strange vibration make its way through her body…a vibration brought on by the extreme violence that is taking place in front of her eyes. The mayhem reaches a crescendo, at which point bursts of bright light beams begin to emanate from Sookie’s hands at a much higher intensity than the two previous times it has happened on the show. Using the beams of light, she is able to completely destroy the werewolves. Sensing danger, Russell uses the incredible speed all vampires seem to possess, to make a hasty exit. We will not find out where Russell goes until season four. Eric is saved, but injured. Pam is dead, having been staked by one of the werewolves during the melee. In regard to Sophie-Anne, she is now on the run from the VLA. She makes her way from Jackson, Mississippi to Bon Temps, Louisiana, where she charms Sam Merlotte’s affection starved brother Tommy into thinking she’s all he has ever wanted, and takes refuge in his house until she can think of a way to get back in the good graces of the vampire community. Tommy’s parents, Melinda and Joe Lee Micken’s, arrive while Tommy is out buying food for Sophie-Anne and himself, as he is unaware that the only nutrition his new love requires is blood. Sophie-Anne is able to get the sustenance she truly needs, which in turn, in this blogger’s opinion, would also serve to kill off two dull as dishwater characters… And this is the way season three would end if I were writing it…But, of course, I am not!

If you’re seeking a happy ending to the show, which I would be willing to bet there won’t be, Jessica and Hoyt, and Sookie and Bill, have a double wedding ceremony, YEAH RIGHT! Of course, the scenario I’ve written is mere speculation on my part. I am, like all my fellow True Blood devotees, anxiously awaiting the season finale to see in what direction the writers actually take the show. Whatever fates they have in store for the characters, I am sure it will leave us thirsting for more.

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