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“Black Swan”

         Natalie Portman’s character gives new meaning to the term suffering for your art. The word obsession can represent a multitude of things to different people. If I posed the question to one hundred random people walking the streets of … Continue reading

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“Disney Meets Dali and the Results are Sensational”

Destino in the Italian, Galician, Portuguese, and Spanish languages respectively means “Destiny.” While I am an advocate of people learning a language other than their native tongue, and during the past decade have become a fan of linguistic studies, this … Continue reading

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“Even a Man who is Pure in Heart.”

          The title of this week’s blog is taken from the beginning of a piece of dialogue that is repeated several times during the 1941 classic monster film “The Wolf Man.”  Written by Curt Siodmak (La crise est finie) and … Continue reading

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