“Ghost Adventures: Season 5 – Episode 5: Lizzie Borden House”

For over a decade the Travel Channel  has produced 246 episodes, and counting, of their immensely popular series “Ghost Adventures.”  The series was created by Zak Bagans and Nick Groff. Bagans, conceived of the show based, on what he claimed was, his own personal experience with a ghost, that scared him so badly that he had to leave his home, and sleep in his car, until daylight. Bagans relayed his experience to Groff, and the two teamed up, to prove the validity of not only Bagans’ claim, but that of countless others, who have reported having seen, or having been haunted by something supernatural. In addition to Groff, who left the show in 2014, in this episode, Bagans is joined by Aaron Goodwin, who serves as the equipment tech, in charge of capturing whatever evidence he can on audio and video, as Bagans and Groff conduct their investigation. Each of the “Ghost Adventures” episodes is approximately 43 minutes in length, and the team travels to supposedly haunted locales in the United States and abroad.

Premiering on October 21, 2011, the episode begins with Bagans standing in front of the infamous Borden house. He begins to relay background information, which I’ve expanded upon to a degree, on the horrific event that occurred there: The double murder of Lizzie Borden’s father and stepmother, Andrew, 70, and Abby Borden, 63, took place on August 4, 1892, in the Borden’s home, at 92 Second Street, in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Bordens were struck a combined thirty times. Abby’s body was discovered, lying face down in a pool of blood on the floor of the upstairs master bedroom, while Andrew Borden’s body was found on the couch in the sitting room, his face unrecognizable to those who had known him. The well known rhyme: “Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. And when she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one,” while appropriately creepy, doesn’t encapsulate what actually happened to Abby and Andrew. Furthermore, for the sake of historical accuracy, the Bordens were killed with a hatchet, not an axe, not that it makes what happened to them any less horrific. Within less than a week of the murders, the prime suspect for the crime, was and still is, over a 127 years later, former Mission Chapel Sunday School teacher, the Borden’s daughter Lizzie, who at the time was 32 years old.

Throughout the episode, historical pictures are shown to the viewer, as well as reenactments of what might have taken place. The team speaks with, among others: the property manager, Lee-Ann Wilber, who gives the team a tour of the house; paranormal investigators, Matt Moniz and Tim Weisberg, both of whom claim to have been part of a ghost sighting in the basement of the house, which became physical; and journalist and paranormal researcher, Jeff Berlinger, meets up with the team at the cemetery, where the Bordens are buried, and imparts information regarding the history of the Borden’s house; as it turns out, a terrible occurrence happened there, long before the now infamous murders.

The second part of the episode pertains to the Ghost Adventures team’s lockdown. In every episode, once the sun goes down, the team locks themselves inside the haunted location, all of their equipment having already been set up, and proceeds to stay in the location, until morning. This episode is no different, however, the team is not alone. The team members are joined by Eleanor Thibault, a tour guide, who worked at the house for twelve years, and has stated that she dislikes going down into the basement, because she feels a spirit resides down there. In addition, also joining the Ghost Adventure members, was psychic medium, Liz Nowicki, who has conducted other outings in the house. She claims that the spirits there don’t like her, especially, Andrew Borden, because of certain questions she asks him, based on historical speculation. The purpose for the two women being there is to participate in a séance.

Does the team capture the voice or ghostly images of the Bordens? If the spirits are still residing in the house do they speak to the Ghost Adventure team? If the spirits do speak to them, what do they tell them? Do the spirits state who killed them? Will other potential secrets lost to history come out, in order to give a clearer picture as to why the murders were committed? What, if anything, do the ghosts do in order to make their presence known? All of those questions and more will be answered by the conclusion of the episode. I found this episode, as I do, almost all of the episodes to be interesting and entertaining, and in this episode in particular, I learned something, that I had not previously known, even though I have watched a number of documentaries and films on the subject.


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