“Malicious” (1995)

Doug Gordon (Patrick McGaw) is an outstanding college baseball player. Every game, it seems as if he’s taking an opposing pitcher’s best fastball, and hitting it for a homerun. His coach (Stephen E. Miller), is so confident in his young player’s ability, that he has invited major league scouts to watch him, during an upcoming stretch of games. In addition to his burgeoning baseball career, Doug is a pre-med student. If he can’t make it to the pros, he wants to have sports medicine as his fallback plan. His girlfriend Laura (Sarah Lassez), is an aspiring journalist, who has recently been accepted to graduate school at Stanford. She seemingly loves Doug, but she isn’t yet ready to be intimate with him.

One weekend, when Laura goes out of town, Doug, who has a great deal of studying to do, is reluctantly talked into going to a party by Rich (Rick Henrickson), his friend and teammate. The party is being held for the baseball team. At the party, Doug meets Melissa Nelson, portrayed by Golden Globe nominee Molly Ringwald (Riverdale). Melissa is a medical school student, who drives a nice car, and lives in a mansion. She is the opposite of Doug, who drives a truck, and lives with his mother (Mimi Kuzyk), in a modest house. His father, the viewer learns, has passed away, several years earlier.

Melissa and Doug talk, while she smokes, and he politely declines. Later that same evening, the two wind up becoming intimate. Thinking that what they did was just a onetime thing, Doug is ready to move on, Melissa, however, wants more. She is not the sort of person, who is used to, or for that matter, likes to take no for an answer. The more Doug attempts to distance himself from her, the more she winds up inserting herself into his life. Doug giving into his physical needs, winds up putting his entire future in jeopardy. Melissa, as the viewer will learn, is not about to give up easily, when it comes to getting what she wants. Are there any lines she won’t cross to get Doug to be in her life?

“Malicious” was directed by Ian Corson (Monster Garage). The screenplay was written by George Saunders (Scanner Cop), and Raul Inglis (Insomnia). The film was a direct to VHS production, which was released in the United States on November 7, 1995. Parts drama and thriller, it has a runtime of 92 minutes.   

Where do I begin with this one. I saw it a long time ago on HBO, but many years after its initial release date on VHS. I recently came across a DVD copy of the film, at a thrift store, where I sometimes find good first edition, or well kept hardcover books. Furthermore, I also sometimes buy DVDs at the same store; both the books and DVDs, can be purchased there for very little money. I didn’t remember my thoughts on the film, when I saw it, so I bought it , along with a few other items. The acting, with the exceptions of Ringwald, and a few scenes that featured veteran character actor John Vernon (Animal House), in the role of Detective Pronzini, was for the most part, subpar. The dialogue ran the gamut from passable to exceptionally corny. The direction was nothing to speak of, nor for that matter, was the cinematography. Ringwald did the best job she could with such substandard material to work with, but there was zero chemistry between her and her co-star. Overall, except for Ringwald and Vernon, this was simply not a good film. I have a feeling, that most of you reading this, if you haven’t already seen the movie, and sat down to watch it, would consider it to be a waste of time.                          

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