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“Jennifer Carpenter: One of ‘Dexter’s’ Driving Forces and More”

“I love playing her because I learn a lot from her. She sort of acts without thinking, which is a luxury that I don’t really have. I like that she is always operating from her gut. I really admire her. … Continue reading

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“Face to Face with Jeff Lindsay, Author of Dexter”

 “I write Dexter for a couple of hours each day, and during that time I am inside his head, exactly the way an actor gets inside a character. But I am acting, not being; I don’t actually become him, and … Continue reading

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“Dexter ‘Bloodbath’ Morgan Is Back”

To kill or not to kill? No, I am not trying to be cute and write a play on words using Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which is arguably the greatest piece of fiction ever written; I am merely contemplating the question. Please … Continue reading

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