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“Shadow of Truth – Murder Mystery Documentary Series on Netflix”

At the start of the first episode of “Shadow of Truth,” Ilana Rada is talking about every parent’s worst nightmare, the disappearance of a child. In this instance, her daughter, Tair, had not returned home from school, even though classes … Continue reading

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“The Woman in Cabin 10 By Ruth Ware”

The narrator of British author, Ruth Ware’s suspenseful, sophomore effort, “The Woman in Cabin 10,” is  Laura “Lo” Blacklock. Lo, as she prefers to be called, is a writer for Velocity magazine, a publication that specializes in high-end travel. Opportunity … Continue reading

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“Get Out”

The catalyst for the clever, suspenseful, and unsettling film “Get Out,” begins with an ordinary situation that doesn’t take long to escalate into something ominous. The camera focuses in on a man who is talking on his cell phone about … Continue reading

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The Netflix original film “iboy” takes its source material from English writer Kevin Brook’s young-adult novel of the same name. Tom (Bill Milner) is a slightly awkward, high school teenager, who lives in modern day London with his grandmother, Nan, … Continue reading

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